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You don't have to hurt anymore.  You can find relief and I can help.

Are you feeling numb, or find yourself crying, feeling sad, hopeless and depressed?  Maybe you’re angry all of the time.  At night, your mind is spinning and you can’t slow it down to sleep because of the anxiety.   You can’t remember things you need to and you want to isolate yourself from people, including your family and friends.  You feel like you’re out of your mind and confused, like you’re in constant chaos and crazy making.  Maybe you’re struggling to concentrate and stay on track, and feel your responsibilities and important tasks are suffering. How did life get so chaotic and overwhelming?    Does any of this describe you?   This is a very hard and discouraging place to be in life.  I am here to provide you with the safe, unconditional, non-judgmental support we all need as human beings, especially during challenging these times. You’re here and you’ve taken that first step in finding balance and health and my door is open for you.

Carol Burnett

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.

Lillian Strom, LMFT


available via telehealth.

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