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The stigma and shame related to seeking out help.

One of the main reasons people do not seek out mental health services is related to the stigma associated with mental health. There is this underlying belief that a person is crazy, has "has issues", came from a bad place or just can't handle life. The reality is, is we all can use and should use counseling as our safe haven and outlet to navigate through life. Life is difficult at times, if not always for each and every one of us. Sometimes those difficulties build up and weigh heavy on us, breaking us down. This can start showing as depression or anxiety or both. It can sta

rt affecting our life so negatively that we struggle with every day tasks and lose interest in things we once loved.

Managing our mental health keeps us healthy from head to to. We can think more clearly, we cope with life stressors better, it keeps our body healthier. Our mind and our body interact, if one is sick then it affects the other. Having a place where you can say and explore, vent and work through anything and everything without judgment or bias and WITH confidentiality. It's your time to be you, authentically and without shame. To find balance and wholeness. It's time we break the stigma and start taking care of our own mental health.

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